First-Ever Line Extension: Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodie

Pearson’s Marks 100th Anniversary of Iconic Nut Goodie Bar with First-Ever Permanent Line Extension and a Chance for Fans to Win a VIP Tour of its Famous Candy Factory

Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodie hits stores throughout MN, WI, IA, ND and SD in late August and the deep fried Nut Goodie at the 2012 MN State Fair offers a new take on 100-year-old original

 St. Paul, Minn., August 17, 2012Pearson Candy Company is celebrating 100 years of Nut Goodie-ness in a big way during the month of August  – including the debut of a new flavor for the Nut Goodie, a chance for fans to win an exclusive peek inside the “House of Pearson’s” and even a deep fried version of the original Nut Goodie at the Minnesota State Fair.

Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodie new product introduction: Beginning late August, candy lovers will find a surprise in stores next to their beloved original Nut Goodie bars.  The new Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodie – made with real milk chocolate, Virginia peanuts, sea salt and caramel – marks the first permanent line extension in the Nut Goodie’s 100-year history. The Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodie will initially be available at retailers throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Too Goodie To Be True Factory Tours: To celebrate the Nut Goodie’s 100th anniversary, Pearson Candy Company will open its doors – giving lucky fans the chance to win a VIP tour of its iconic factory in St. Paul, Minn. A total of 20 grand-prize winners will receive a private tour of the real-life candy factory for themselves and four guests, as well as a “goodie” bag full of Pearson’s premiums and 100 pounds of Nut Goodie bars. Specially marked packages of both the new Sea Salt Caramel and the original Nut Goodie in stores will include a code to be entered online at nutgoodie.com for a chance to win.

Deep fried Nut Goodies at Minnesota State Fair: Fans of the original Nut Goodie will want to stop by the Deep Fried Candy Bar booth at the Minnesota State Fair Aug. 23–Sept. 3 to experience a fresh take on the 100-year-old classic. The deep fried Nut Goodie will make its debut to the delight of fairgoers.

“Nut Goodie fans are in for quite a treat throughout this milestone year and beyond,” said Pearson Candy Company CEO Michael Keller. “We think people will love the new Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodie, which is just a taste of what’s to come with product innovations at Pearson’s.”

Pearson’s received a Certificate of Recognition from the office of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to honor the Nut Goodie’s 100th anniversary and Pearson Candy Company’s rich history. St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and non-profit partners in the brand’s “Do Goodie” community program joined employees during a centennial celebration Aug. 16 at the Pearson’s factory to mark the occasion.

About Nut Goodie

The Nut Goodie, one of the company’s first manufactured products, made its debut in 1912 as a premium 5-cent candy bar.

Unlike many of today’s candy bars, Pearson’s original Nut Goodie is still produced with real milk chocolate, making it a favorite of connoisseurs who appreciate the quality of a premium candy bar. While others use compound coatings to reduce costs, Pearson’s continues to maintain its high standard of excellence. The original Nut Goodie features a creamy maple center covered with real milk chocolate and fresh unsalted Virginia peanuts.

About Pearson Candy Company

Pearson Candy Company, currently in St. Paul, Minnesota, was founded in 1909 by P. Edward Pearson with the assistance of his two brothers John Albert and Oscar F. Pearson. Over the years they created iconic candy creations like Nut Goodie (1912) and Salted Nut Roll (1933). In 1961, the Pearson brothers acquired Mint Patties and in 1998, the Bun Cluster Bar line. In 2011, Brynwood Partners, a private equity firm, acquired Pearson Candy Company and set the stage for investment and growth.

For more information on the history of Pearson Candy Company, visit www.pearsoncandy.com.


  • We are really, really wanting to try the newest Nut Goodie but have been unable to find a place that sells them in the Twin Cities.  HELP!

    • Earney8

      they are awesome.  I bought a box of 24 at walgreens, for 16 bucks.  It was on Randolph and Snelling.  Super super good, much better than original goodie

  • Norman Gurstel

    i can not find the new bar in any of the well known stores in minneapolis. where can i buy them

    • Jwodicka

      Just found the new nut goodies at Walgreen’s, Centerville Rd & Highway 96 in White Bear Lake.

    • Bill

       Try Fleet Farm, that’s were I found them

  • Ppdminn

    I stopped at the Pearson’s factory on West 7th today and was able to buy a box and got some samples.  They are fabulous.  They told me Super Value just picked up their order to put into their stores (I know they have Cub stores).  Byerly’s and Lunds should be getting their supplies and be in stores by early Oct.  They are worth the wait.

  • Pattypax

    Thanks for the samples .  I also bought 2 boxes of the new caramel salt candies.   



  • Mzackley

    We were surprised to find Nut Goodie candy at Bi-Mart in Lincoln City, Oregon – both the regular and caramel – it was a pleasant surprise!

  • Starmic37

    Our daughter found them @4045bd4e2c5faf73683880171bc69332:disqus @Coopers:disqus  in chaska. They are really good

  • Peja0301

    Whoo hoo!! I just had the sea salt caramel and it’s AH-MAZING!  YUMMY!  I will be purchasing a box or two of these 🙂

  • midwest melodie

    Hey! we live in Montana….and THANK GOD your new sea salt and carmel made it to Red Lodge! YUM!

  • jlacek13

    LOVED the new sea salt caramel nut goodie!!! it was so good, i am picky about my caramel too. 
    Found it at a Big D gas station in Rapid City SD – thank you, I hope it doesn’t go away! 
    It allways seems when i find something i like they quit making it

  • Ooloolynn1

    I can’t find where to enter the code for the contest.  There’s nothing on the website.

    • Carriehaack

      ican’t find either

    • Mrs0429

      That’s because it ended 10/15/12. Took me 20 minutes trying to find that out.

      • Karen

        Oh wow.  Thank you for the heads up.  Also – I bought mine in Colorado

  • http://www.Artichokepress.com

    Hmmm, where is the place to enter the code? And I bought my Pearson Nut Goodies, sea salt and caramel in Saint Anthony, Idaho

  • Ooloolynn1

    seems like the contest is over…. I’m in Aurora, Minnesota.  That’s about 100 miles south of the Canadian border..

  • Gus

    My favorite nut goodie moment happened back in my youth.  I caddied for George Pearson a number of times at Interlachen CC, and he always purchased a nut goodie for all of the caddies in the foursome.  One day it was very hot, and the other caddy in my group told me if he was given a nut goodie, he was going to bury it in a sand trap.  Well Mr. Pearson gave us each a nut goodie, and on the 10th hole he got my attention as he dug his foot into the sand and then dropped the candy bar in racking the sand over it.  We all love nut goodies but not when its 95 degrees with 95% humidity.  I must also add that Mr. Pearson was one of my favorite players.  He was a true gentleman!!  Still love Pearson’s candy after all these years, and the new sea salt & carmel is the best yet!

  • Anyone

    The dates of the contest (7/15/12 – 10/15/12) are printed on the wrapper – right below the nutrition facts

  • Jane

    My father worked at Pearson’s for over 40 years before he had to leave to end his battle with cancer.  He mixed the chocolate. Since his passing I can tell you that the chocolate just hasn’t been the same.  It is still very delicous, I’ve always loved Nut Goodies, especially when he would bring home the discounted boxes of the ‘defective’ ones.  Every year we would go to the Christmas party they would have there for employee’s children.  We would all get a treat bag as we left that included an apple, an orange, a popcorn ball, and several different Pearson’s candy bars.  The one I remember the most, and have missed since, is the 7-UP bar.  It was a chocolate covered candy bar with seven sections, each with a different filling.  Wonderful memories, wonderful company.  Thanks for keeping it ‘made in the USA”

    “Ludy’s” daughter.

    • Diane Lee

      Anyone know where to buy Nut Goodies in the Phoenix, AZ area?

  • Patiopadio

    Just enjoyed a original Nut Goodie and found the contest code. So it ended 10/15/12 ? Bummer, guess my candy bar was not to fresh !

  • Anglhornshalo

    boy real nice start selling them but not in time to enter their drawing……..

  • Pammyjo21

    I wanted to enter a code also.  Where can I submit it?

  • Rita Kolars

    I am sorry to see that the contest ended Oct.15th.,2012.  I was just able to find the sea salt nut goodies in my store,  It took forever to

    fine them anywhere.  Ths was not a fair contest.       Rita Kolars

  • Enca

    Love the new sea salt caramel nut goody.  Hard to find here in MN

  • Kromme86

    That would explain why the one I just bought stuck to the package and was not very good.

  • Dean & Deloris Ely

    Like the other comments, I couldn’t find where to enter the code for the contest.  However, I didn’t buy the wonderful nut-goodie caramel bar with sea salt for the contest…I bought it for the unbelievable tasty sweet bar that it is.  And, I bought it in Florence, Oregon in December 2012.  So Good. 

  • OMG – I just had my first sea salt Nut Goodie.  Don’t slap me, but I actually don’t enjoy the original – too sweet form me, but this new one….  OMG  Today was the first time I saw one (Speedy Market in St. Paul) so don’t give up on it Pleeeeeze.

  • Cricket Echo

    Thanks for posting the info that the contest ended months ago. You would think there might be some easy to find info on that fact.  Oh well, I already FEEL like a winner after finding the Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodies at my local grocery store.  Now I can throw away the 2 wrappers I hung on to since last night. Haha

  • Northswan

    Where do you enter the code to win?  Can’t find it

  • Maren Rosas

    I incidentally came across a Nut Goodie Sea Salt Caramel Bar today, at the corner store across the street from my studio apt in St. Paul, and wow am I hooked. It was a perfect treat! I was hoping the contest was still going on, but I am a little late. How I missed the release of this new bar, I don’t know, but then its predecessor is 100 years old, so this is still really a “new” find for sure….thank you!

  • Where do I enter the contest?!